Powerful Marketing Tips to Aid in the Network Marketing Invitation Process

In this article, we have set the stage for you to learn the formula for the network marketing invitation process from the Network Marketing Professional himself, Eric Worre.

My grandfather, God rest his soul, taught me to never stop educating myself, so being the humble man that I am, I will be the first to accept any advice from Eric or any other network marketing professionals for prospecting and gathering leads.

From my previous article written on October 8th, you learned that there are 4 Time-Proven Rules for Network Marketing Success.

These 4 rules were as follows… you must emotionally detach yourself from the outcome, be yourself during communication, have passion in what you do, and have a strong posture (if you need a refresher, visit the link above.)

Prepare Yourself for the 8 steps that are going to Skyrocket your home-based business, as stated by the Network Marketing Pro himself!

This formula can be used on the phone or face to face. It is NOT recommended to be used for texting, email or any other non-verbal communications… ONLY on the phone or face to face.

Now that we have that clear, this formula can work for your warm market prospects and cold market prospects… I will give you Eric Worre’s examples for both.

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There ARE 8 Steps in the Professional Marketing Invitation

The following steps might sound complicated, but with a little practice, you will find it is an easy skill to master.

Step 1: Be in a Hurry!

This is a psychological issue. People are usually more attracted to a person who has things going on.

A good friend of mine, Ryan Y, is a very busy guy or at least he makes it appear as if he is… whenever I speak with him, he lets me know he only has a few minutes to talk, then towards the closing of the conversation he states that he has to get on another call, so he will have to let me go.

If you were to start each conversation giving the impression that you are in a hurry, you will find that your invitation will be shorter, there will be fewer questions, less resistance, and people will be more respectful of you and your time.

I know it worked with me speaking to Ryan… I knew that he was a busy man, so I needed to get to the point and make my conversation short with him. Below are a few ideas that you can say to a person to show your urgency.

Examples for your Warm-Market Prospects: you can say: “I don’t have a lot of time to talk, but it was really important to reach you.”


“I’m running out the door, but I needed to talk with you real quick!”

For a Cold Market: “Now isn’t the time to get into this and I have to go, but…”, “I have to run but…”

Set the tone with some urgency!

For these examples, don’t worry about the exact wording… just focus on the concept and use your own words.

Let people know that you are busy, you’ve got a lot going on and your time is short, but it was important for you to connect with them real quick… do it with passion!

Step 2: Compliment the Prospect!

This is a critical step… the sincere compliment will open the door to real communication and will make the prospect much more agreeable about hearing what you have to say. Just make sure your compliment is sincere!

Examples for your Warm-Market Prospects: “You have been very successful and I’ve always respected the way you’ve done business.”


“For as long as I’ve known you, I’ve thought you were the best at what you do.”

For a Cold Market: “You’ve given me some of the best service I’ve ever received.”


“You are super sharp. Can I ask what you do for a living?”

These are just guidelines… find something that you can honestly use to compliment your potential prospect and use it.

This simple step will literally double your invitation results – says Eric Worre.

When you begin with urgency and a compliment, it becomes very difficult for a person to react negatively towards your invitation. People don’t often hear compliments, so your prospect will usually become very receptive.

If you were to study the network marketing pros, you would discover that they are constantly putting people in good moods with their honesty and sincere compliments.

It does a few things… it helps people open their minds, it helps build rapport, and most of all, it will help achieve the goal of education and understanding.

Step 3: Make the Invitation!

In this case, there are 3 types of invitation approaches for the network marketing professional.

The Direct Approach

The direct approach is used when you are inviting people to learn more about an opportunity for THEM. Here are a few examples:

For the Warm-Market Prospects: “I think I found a way for us to really boost our cash flow.”


“Let me ask you a question, off the record. If there was a business you could start working part-time from your home that could replace your full-time income, would that interest you?” – This is one of my favorites for my warm-market.

For a Cold Market: “Do you keep your options open when it comes to making extra money?”


From the Marketing Guru – Ray Higdon: “Would you be open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you are currently doing?”

Most people use the direct approach all the time… there are other ways to approach your prospects, but much depends on the situation. If you are a person to use the direct approach all the time, then maybe it’s time that you broaden your horizons with 2 alternative approaches.

The Indirect Approach

This indirect approach is another powerful tool to help people get past their resistance and educate them on what you have to offer. This indirect approach is asking the person for their help with input or guidance. Play yourself down and play up to the prospect’s ego.

Examples for your Warm-Market Prospects: “I found a business I’m really excited about, but what do I know? You have so much experience. Would you take a look at it for me and let me know if I’m making the right move?”


“A friend told me the best thing I could do when starting a business is to have people I respect take a look at it and give me some guidance. Would you be willing to do that for me if I made it simple?”

For a Cold Market: “My company is expanding in your area. Would you do me a favor and take a look at it and let me know if you think it would work where you live?”


“I’ve started a business with a product I think makes a lot of sense, but I’d like to get your input. Would you be willing to check it out and give me your opinion?”

The Super Indirect Approach

This 3rd approach is incredibly powerful because it works on a number of psychological levels. Through this approach, you are letting the person know that they aren’t a prospect, and that you are interested in finding out if they know someone else who might benefit from your business.

Examples for your Warm-Market Prospects: “Who do you know that might be looking for a strong business they could run from their home?”


“The business I’m in clearly isn’t for you, but I wanted to ask… who do you know that is ambitious, money-motivated, and would be excited about the idea of adding more cash flow to their lives?”

In most cases, the person is going to ask you for more information before they give you any names – behind that request is curiosity and intrigue, thinking that this might be for them, but they are not going to admit that to you yet.

When the person asks for additional information, you can respond with: “That makes sense… you’ll want to know more about it before you refer some of your contacts…” Then move on to step 4 below.

For approaching your Cold-Market, you can use the same information as the warm market Super Indirect Approach. Use the warm-market scripts or any variation that is comfortable to you.

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Step 4: If I, Would You?

This is one of the secret weapons of the professional network marketer. If I give you a DVD, would you watch it?” “If I gave you a link to a website with a video presentation, would you check it out?”

This question is SO POWERFUL, and for a number of reasons.

First – it’s reciprocal… you are saying to the person that you will do something for them, if they will do something for you in return. As human beings, we are hard-wired to respond in a positive manner to these types of situations.

Secondly – it puts you in a place of power. You are in control. You are NOT begging. You are not asking for favors. You are simply offering a value exchange.

And Third – it implies that YOU have something of value to offer. You are saying that you will do something, but not unless the other person will do something in exchange.

When you value what you have, people will respect you.

“If I, Would You” gets results. It gets people to say “YES.” Remember… our goal is education and understanding. “If I, Would You” helps us achieve that goal.

Let’s RECAP! – If you started a phone call with urgency, complimented the prospect, made the invitation and asked, “If I, Would You,” their answer will be “YES” almost 100% of the time says Eric, which will take us to Step 5.

NOW… if they ask for more information first, just respond with, “I understand you want more information, but everything you’re looking for is on the (DVD, website link, etc.). The fastest way for you to really understand what I’m talking about will be for you to review that material. So, if I give it to you, would you review it?”

If the person says no, then thank them for their time and move on. You can also review Steps 1 through 3 to see what you might have done differently. Do NOT give your material to them.

So… you’ve gone through the first 4 steps and the person said YES! They have agreed to review your tool.

Does this mean that they will follow through? NOPE! It is said by Eric Worre that only about 5% of your prospects will do what they said they would do, if you just used the first 4 steps… 5% is not a good number.

To get closer to the 80%, you will need to complete the additional 4 steps of the invitation process.

As I mentioned in the beginning, there are 8 steps to the a professional invitation, so be sure to follow the link below for the 4 additional steps required for closing the deal.

Here is Part 2 of this postThe Masterful Network Marketing Invitation Closing Process to Skyrocket Your Results – Part 2′.

NOTE: Most of the written materials were accumulated from Eric Worre’s book 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional

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