How To Increase Your Klout Score [Infographic] Is it Important to Marketing?

by | Updated on October 18th, 2018

How To Increase Your Klout Score

Recently I read an article by Social Media Marketing Guru Kim Garst.

She wrote about the ‘Why’ (importance) and the ‘How’ to improve your Klout score.

For those that aren’t familiar with Klout, it is a website that uses social media network analytics to rank your users influence.

Kim states that Klout draws over 50 BILLION pieces of information per day to collectively rank your score.

Klout uses this information to provide a simplistic measuring scale between 1-100. This influence scale will take into account factors such as the number of social media followers, the level of engagement, the quantity of inbound links along with PageRank and Wikipedia rankings.

How to Improve Klout Score

Kim goes on to state that not all social network sites are monitored, so if you are active on smaller social networks, you will most likely not receive any nuggets of influence from these sites.

Currently, at the time of this writing, the only social media networks that use the Klout influence algorithm are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram and Foursquare. As big as Pinterest has gotten over the past year, it is not included in the Klout algorithm.

How to Increase Klout Score – Should You Care?

Although the Klout score may not be perfect because it doesn’t include every social media site, many will agree that it is still one of the best ways in our current social media networking toolbox to quantify our online influence.

For those of you who are skeptical about the value of a strong Klout score, here are a few reasons that Kim speaks of to show you why there is power behind measuring your social media influence.

1. The Klout influence score gives you a metric in which to measure the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts.

When you have a number that you can use as a guide, it will make it easier to discover whether or not, your social media influence is growing or declining. With this knowledge, you can take steps to improve your social influence.

2. It is easy to track influence using a single metric – for instance, Facebook fans. But, when it comes to measuring your influence, we simply do not have a standard in which to measure. The Klout score helps bridge this gap.

3. In fields or industries to where online influence is important, having a solid Klout score can give you a competitive advantage when applying for employment or competing for contracts.

Example: An article at tells a story about how Sam Fiorella, who is an influential business consultant that houses 15 years of experience, was turned down for a job due to the fact that he had no idea what Klout was, and/or had a low Klout score.

4. In certain industries where social influence is important, such as marketing, publishing or professional speaking, having an above par Klout score could just as well be the golden ticket that gives you the competitive edge needed.

Klout Can Help Establish You as a Leader in Your Field

If you don’t have the desire to establish yourself as a leader in your field, then you most likely will not need to concern yourself with Klout.

Example: If you run a local business, your customer and fellow business owners may not care too much about your Klout influential score.

How to Improve Your Klout Score

We have discovered that having a good Klout score has some benefits. But, how can the small business owner improve their score?

3 Methods to Improve Your Score

1. Be Sure to Connect All of Your Social Media Accounts to Klout.

As the image shows, I made the mistake of not connecting my accounts until recently.

You can also see that when I connected my accounts in the beginning of March, my Klout score jumped 8 points over night.

Be sure to connect all of your social media accounts to Klout

Linking all of your social media accounts to Klout is important if you would like to get an accurate measurement of your social networking influence.

One thing to keep in mind is that you will only want to connect active social media accounts. Kim says that linking accounts where you are not engaging or have few follower can actually hurt your score.

2. Be a Good Social Networking Citizen

Following proper social media practices (etiquette) will give you greater chances of increasing your Klout score.

Ask Yourself the Following…

Do you:

  • Consistently post content that engages activity?
  • Respond promptly to question or comments?
  • Give your readers and followers a way to engage with you?
  • Give your readers and followers easy ways to share your content?
  • Focus on building relationships, rather than just promoting your content?

If you are working daily to improve your social engagement on the networks, your Klout influence score should be showing an improvement.

3. Connect with Online Heavy-Hitter Influencers

The final direction Kim suggests that you go to improve your Klout score would be to make an effort to connect with powerful, influential people within your own niche. A few things you can do is to share their content, retweet others micro-posts, tag them in a Facebook post or comment on their blog posts.

This is the way that I was inspired to write this article, because I visited Kim Garst’s blog and commented on her latest post which happened to be about the ways to improve your Klout score.

It’s simple… any engagement that can create conversation is going to be worthwhile… it is one of the signals in the Klout algorithm.

If you would like to visit Kim Garst’s blog post about Klout Score, follow the link:

Take a Look at this Well Designed Infographic then Share Your Thoughts Below.

How to Increase Klout Score [Infographic]

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  1. Javier Jacinto says:

    Hi John. Thank you for your article. Really interesting.Im pretty new in this social media world. In fact I’m not a professional of this world. I’m a composer and conductor but I think everybody should use and know those tools
    Congratulations and keep posting. By the way, How can I follow your blog?
    Javier Jacinto

  2. Alton Drew says:

    Great article. The insights were informative and provides a reminder for what we have to do every day to stay influential. My score is a 61.

    Alton Drew

  3. Nancy says:

    Hello to all you social media influencers..
    I have to admit my score is dismally low, and need to raise it. Any tips to start my steady rise to the 70-80’s? I am all eyes and ears.
    I appreciate your thoughtful responses

  4. Reginald says:

    Hey John!

    An excellent article on Klout. I use it and stucked at 65. Haha!

    Oh yes, connecting as many social accounts is important. That help boost the score by quite a bit!

    Lastly, I also got to agree with the being active. The more active you are, the better the score it will be (but slowly). It took me over 1 year to build a rank to 75 (another Twitter handler by the way).

    Thanks for sharing this and excellent read!

    • John Engle says:

      Hey Reginald,

      I’m glad that my article held some value for you… being active within the social networks is so important to business.

      Thank You for stopping by and taking the time to comment…

      John Engle

  5. That’s pretty good. Actually I don’t aware about to increase like this. 🙂

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