35 Best WordPress Themes to look for in 2017

by | Updated on May 25th, 2019

2016 has gone by and regardless of what it meant to you regarding success and other things, it is always good to be prepared for the next year to excel even more. If you are reading this post, we can safely deduce that you are into online business, especially online website building and blogging and you are thus looking for something that will elevate the height of your business success while also remaining up to date with the latest trends. The same is extrapolated for any blogging or online business for that matter. And, when it comes to that, you can never go wrong with a WordPress theme that is both functional and also carries all the design elements of the future features of 2017.

2017 is going to be a big year for technology, and WordPress themes are going to be no different. While you can go on for hours looking for themes that take design cues from latest trends of 2017, you can alternatively find a list that covers and collects all such themes under one hood, and that is exactly what this post is all about. In this post, we have compiled a list of 35 Best WordPress Themes to look for in 2017.

1. Coupon


Demo | Download

Covert your visitors into more sales with this coupon promoting theme that is suitable from the ground up for the coupon business and is satisfyingly beautiful and professional at the same time. With this theme, you are bound to impress more visitors and then convert them into more sales. In a nutshell, the theme is best for selling coupons, period.

2. Ad-Sense


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Let’s be honest, whosoever is interested in promoting online presence, indeed, at some point wants to monetize their online business. If you are one among them, which is most probably the case, then Ad-Sense is the one you should try. The theme is one of the most ad friendly themes available and comes bundled with features like better ad management, ad placement, ad blocker detection and content locking for ad block users.

3. Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework

Demo | Download

This theme serves equally great both the novice as well as pro builders with its fully functional core that is incredibly easy to edit without having to type in a single line of code. Among the various things that this theme provides, security and search engine optimization are the most worthy ones, as both of the features will take your website to places where you never thought they would reach.

4. Chic


Demo | Download

Looking for something that takes care of all your online store and eCommerce needs while simultaneously looking great on every device? Chic is the one you should give a go. The theme is a premium one designed for blogging as well as WooCommerce shopping websites. The theme gives a feministic vibe which mostly makes it that much charming and pleasing to look at.

5. New York

New York

Demo | Download

New York is a pretty straightforward and basic theme which sure becomes its very advantage because it gives you enough controls to tweak almost every aspect of your website just the way you always wanted. Apart from that, the theme is very well coded using the best coding practices and languages in the business which makes it secure, utterly customizable and super fast to load.

6. Taylor


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Manufactured for small business and accounting websites, this pretty one will look good on your website and will definitely give it a 2017 design advantage. The theme is great to make your clients recognize you as leaders in the niche mentioned above and also displays information about experts with team members.

7. Interactive


Demo | Download

If your website has to deal with a lot of rich content that is posted across several categories, then Interactive is the one that will best suit it. The theme is perfect for webmasters with lots of content and who want to engage best with their audience. The theme will give you plenty of powerful options that will give you more ways to interact with your visitors and keep them coming back for more.

8. Newsmag Pro

Newsmag Pro

Demo | Download

Give this theme a go if your goal is to attract more visitors to your site with its clean design, flexible layout and plenty of advanced features that will allow you to do so and then a lot more.

9. Maple



Maple is probably the most feature bundled theme you will come across in 2017. If you need more convincing, the theme boasts an awesome revolution slider, visual composer plugin, ultimate addons plugins, unlimited customizability, built-in mega menu, and full WooCommerce integration. On top of that, it includes typographic options with over 700 Google Fonts, robust admin panel with hundreds of options to tweak, tons of useful visual page builder elements and tons of preconfigured layouts.

10. Kustrix


Demo | Download

Kustrix is interwoven with all the features that you will ever need to do powerful blogging. The theme has been intended for personal, fashion and beauty blogs and there is barely anything that this theme misses to help you reach to the highest of highs. Some of the many things that this theme offers include beautiful handwritten fonts, tender, soft colors and an abundance of social sharing buttons. With the Author’s photo and bio situated in the sidebar, you will be able to give a more personal touch to your website while the Instagram-powered gallery is meant for the more visual audience.

11. myPortfolio


Demo | Download

myPortfolio is a little unconventional theme in this list in that it is a portfolio one-page theme that brings all your content on a single page and helps you deliver the right information right from the same page. The theme is beautiful and highly customizable and has all the elements that you will require to keep your visitors in awe and keep them coming back for more.

12. Total


Demo | Download

As soon as you think you have peeled all the feature layers on this theme, it brings a new one, keeping you and your viewers stunned the whole time. The theme supports WooCommerce, so you can build your online store and bbPress, if you want to start a forum. The total theme is WPML compatible so translating your theme is easy-peasy.

13. Infinity Pro

Infinity Pro

Demo | Download

The theme has the right looks to elevate your brand while the Infinity Pro integration means that your customer experience will be enhanced and the best part is that the theme is also WooCommerce compatible.

14. Palermo


Demo | Download

If you are running an excellent hotel or resort and want an equally impressive theme for your business, the Palermo is just the theme for you. Needless to say that the theme is functional, flexible and responsive making it look great on every device that is used to view it from.

15. RokoPhoto


Demo | Download

This theme is especially perfect for beginners since it has all the feature and gives you all the options to customize every inch of your website without demanding any coding skills. The theme is WooCommerce ready and is thus great for an eCommerce store, its expertise being efficient photo selling.

16. Uncode Pro

Uncode Pro

Demo | Download

Uncode Pro will make your website stand out from the rest of the crowd in 2017 with its fully responsive layout and well-arranged elements that will make your content shine. The theme works great for corporate and businesses with its magnificent design, advanced features and functionalities that will help you make an impressive website within no time.

17. MyBlog


Demo | Download

AIf you are an aspiring top blogger who wants to make it big online, then MyBlog is the one you must try. With professional design and authoritative design elements, this theme will power you with all the things that you will need to “get there”.

18. Regina Pro

Regina Pro

Demo | Download

Running a health and fitness business or an NGO? Regine Pro has got you covered with its functions and features that have been made for medical centers, clinics, hospitals and even dentistry cabinets.

19. LawPlus


Demo | Download

Another niche theme that has been designed for law firms, attorneys, business, justice, law, lawyers, legal office, politician and other similar firms. The theme has a clean design with a focus on minimalism and looks great on any device you throw at it.

20. Split


Demo | Download

The most laudable feature of this theme that makes it truly unique is its cool splitting effect that gives an immersive experience as you move from one row to the next. The theme gives you full control over what you want to display; that includes full-width video, image, text and other multimedia content. The theme also embeds post layouts and a bunch of other features like no sidebar page template, and a full width featured image.

21. VMag Pro

VMag Pro

Demo | Download

This theme will give you access to all the elements that you want to customize and then also gives you control over which sections to display to attract more visitors. The theme is powerful and per se is great for a newspaper, blogs, magazine, journals and other review publishing sites but works equally great for almost any other type of website you wish to use it for.

22. WooShop


Demo | Download

Witness how this theme transforms your website into an eCommerce beast with all its features and design embellishments that are meant to do just that. The theme is modern and stylish and comes packed with customization options, a stunning and responsive layout and an excellent selection of other features.

23. Pinmaister


Demo | Download

This theme is great for any type of website but is especially great for sharing stories and travel experience. The theme combines all the design and functional features of Pinterest and brings forth a website that looks utterly beautiful and ergonomic at the same time.

24. BusinessClass



As is quite evident from the name of this theme, your website will look classy and luxurious with this one. The theme will attract more visitors from search engines since it was meticulously designed to do just that. The theme works flawlessly with its 120 settings that give you power over everything, including the design. More on search engines, this theme is perfectly responsive and gorgeous SEO friendly and SEO optimized with all meta tags, SEO plugin collection, perfect page speed and on-page SEO together with a slick, responsive design and fully optimized clean light code.

25. Locales


Demo | Download

Looking for something to help you create a list of businesses such as restaurants, shops, bars, pubs, cafes and much more? Locales might just be the theme for you. The theme supports user submitted listings, so you don’t have to worry about content creation much. On top of all that, the theme has a modern design with tons of powerful features and professionally written code base that makes everything subtle.

26. Riba Pro

Riba Pro

Demo | Download

“A picture paints a thousand words”. If you are a true believer of that and think that imagery is the best way of sharing stories, then Riba Pro is the one you need. Beautiful images, unlimited Google Fonts, parallax header effect, are only some of the features that let you share your imagery in style.

27. Zerif Pro

Zerif Pro

Demo | Download

A beefed up version of the famous Zerif theme and in going Pro, the theme has managed to inculcate enormous features that pretty much justify its price tag. The theme is incredibly easy to use and works seamlessly with WordPress while giving you full control over customizations.

28. Gallery Pro Theme

Gallery Pro Theme

Demo | Download

Gallery Pro is for those who are into a streamlined design that is full of light and puts the focus right where it should be, that is, the content. The theme effectively combines full-stretch and gallery images as well as beautiful typography and offers loads of page, layout and customization options.

29. StoreVilla Pro

StoreVilla Pro

Demo | Download

Want something for your online shop/ store of any kind like fashion and clothing store, tech items store, interior store, medical shops, grocery store and other similar stores? StoreVilla Pro has got you covered with all its premium features that have been made to handle all the requirements of a successful online store. The theme fully supports WooCommerce and has unlimited customization possibilities, powerful support, top-notch beautiful features and a ton of other features.

30. Ultra


Demo | Download

Designers and developers both want something that is customizable to the very last bit, and that is exactly what Ultra brings to the table. You can customize everything from header to the footer while your theme stays agile and able to adapt to any screen size and device.

31. Primo


Demo | Download

If you are a talented photographer, a talented graphic designer or even a web designer and want something that will propel your talent and make it more visible to people who appreciate it, then Primo is the one for you. The theme presents a unique, stylish and modern template that allow you to show your work as a brilliant portfolio.

32. Weston


Demo | Download

The best part of this theme is its amazing Visual Composer that gives you the power to build your content just the way you want. Another awesome feature is its impeccable revolutions slider that will help you to build virtually any website style.

33. Materialism


Demo | Download

This theme uses several user engagement features like Call to Action Promo block, Subscription, Contact Form and Pricing tables and more to keep your visitors immersed in whatever you are offering. The theme uses Material Design guidelines developed by Google and is thus very search engine friendly and will eventually help you soar to the heights of success.

34. MagXP


Demo | Download

Here is something for magazine websites that have to deal with heavy content and have to post across multiple categories. MagXP has four homepage layouts and an options panel that lets you control the design of your website from bright and clean dark to minimal quickly.

35. Builders


Demo | Download

Builders is a niche theme designed specifically to cater to all the needs of the construction industry and will help you to sell tools or services and at the same time attract more customers to your website with its stunning design and smart layout.

So, that was our list of 35 Best WordPress Themes to look for in 2017; we tried to collect at least one from each category ranging right from multi-page website themes to one-page portfolios. These themes have been designed keeping in mind the various design and functional aspects that are expected to work in favor of your website in 2017.

We hope you found at least one theme for your website great enough to glorify your website for the next year. If you have any suggestions or better themes that you have come across that pass the litmus test of being the upcoming and hot themes of 2017 then make sure you drop them in the comments section.

Do share your views in the comment section below.

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