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My name is John Engle… I reside in Salida, Colorado.


10 Years ago I started blogging for fun… it was an enjoyable experience, and a way to make connections – in a nutshell, it was a blast.

A few years back, I got so wrapped up in working my day job that I lost connection with blogging…

Now that I am getting up there in age, I have determined that it’s time to put what I’ve enjoyed for so many years to work for me – and, to make money doing it.

I would enjoy nothing more than to blog full-time – to make those connections with other like-minded people.

For many years I’ve had the itch to be an entrepreneur, to work for myself, but my employee mindset and my fear of failure out-weighed the entrepreneurial side of me!

I have decided, NO MORE – I am going to follow my passion – to break through my FEAR and develop into an Online Entrepreneur – all while working full-time (40+ hours a week for the man) – at least for now!

At this moment, I work for the US Government.

Even though retirement is many years off, I figured it’s time to follow my dream and passion of working out of my home, at my own pace. To enjoy the FREEDOM that being my own boss provides.

Today is Saturday, June 1st, 2019today is the day I begin my journey to becoming an Online Entrepreneur – to NEVER LOOK BACK!

I make this statement so I can be held accountable…

How I Became “the” PoorManBlogger

It was a warm summer day in mid July – the year was 1999. I was sitting on the front porch of our family owned, Colorado guest ranch, in deep conversation with one of our wranglers named Josh on the topic of money.

I was speaking with him about a book that I had been writing about personal finances. This future book was targeted towards the person that knew on paper that he made more than enough money to cover his monthly costs, but still came up short, with nothing left over, at the end of the month.

This book would dig deep into their spending habits to discover ways of adjusting their less than frugal shopping sprees that many face when trying to survive financially. This book would help initiate positive spending habits and create simple savings plans to help dig them out of their financial abyss.

After some discussion, Wrangler Josh came up with a bright idea for the name of my upcoming book… he said I should call it “A Poor Man’s Guide to Financial Security“. After all of these years, the phrase ‘Poor Man‘ stuck with me, so I decided to use the phrase for my blog name.

Continuing On…

During this same year in our wintertime ‘Off Season’, I began assisting my stepfather building websites for local clientele. I would assist him in creating pages using various graphic art designs.

This was my introduction to the “World Wide Web”, which later turned into a new found interest.

Several years after selling the ranch, I took the knowledge I had learned from my stepfather, and combined it with long hours and hard work to create my very first website. After many months of trial and error the 700+ page website was complete, pictures and all!

It was a rewarding experience, but now it is time to embark on my newly discovered passion… helping others break through the barrier on a path to a financially rewarding, blogging career, even if while working a full time job.

With a Deep Thirst for Knowledge, clocking countless hours of reading blogging, personal development and financial books, along with following and absorbing the plethora of information available from the most popular blogs on the Net, we will be exploring and discussing the many different methods bloggers have used to make money on the Internet following their passion.

We will discover the ‘Why‘ that drives them and the steps they took to be successful in their own career path.

It is said… if you want to be successful, do what successful people do!

When your desires are strong enough, you will appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve.” ~ Napolean Hill – Think and Grow Rich!

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